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Reduce risk and increase your income by saving today at Taiwan Cooperative Bank Phnom Pen Branch. You can deposit and withdraw cash easily via branch office nationwide, and deposit. More importantly, you do not need to pay for account opening fee, monthly maintenance fee.

Descriptions Fee
Saving Accounts  
Interest Rate USD 1,25%
Interest Rate KHR 0.10%
Initial Deposit USD100 / KHR410,000
Passbook Replacement USD5 / KHR20,500
Early Closed Account Fee Within 6 Months USD10 / KHR41,000
Account Inactive for 1 year. USD10 / KHR41,000
Current Account   
Interest Rate 0%
Initial Deposit USD500 / KHR2,050,000
Cheque Book (25items) USD5 / KHR20,500
Cheque Return USD50 / KHR2,050,000 (Insufficient Fund) USD10 / KHR41,000 (Others)
Cheque Stop USD5 / KHR20,500
Early Closed Account Fee Within 6 Months USD10 / KHR41,000
Inactive Account for 1 year. USD5 / KHR20,500
Service Charge for 1 year USD10/KHR41,000
Other Fees  
Past statement over one year USD20 / KHR82,000
Balance Auditing Confirmation USD10 / KHR41,000
Balance/Credit Confirmation USD5 / KHR20,500
Salary Payment Instruction USD0.5 / KHR2,100
Banker Cheque USD5 / KHR20,500


Remittances Commission Cable Fee
Domestic Transfer USD5 / KHR20,500 -
Swift Transfer 0.15% Mini USD5 / KHR20,500 USD15 / KHR61,500
Swift Transfer Under 10,000 USD USD5 / KHR20,500 USD15 / KHR61,500
Domestic Transfer - -
Swift Transfer 0.1% Mini USD10 / KHR41,000 -


Escrow/Escrow Accounts
- Processing fee is 0.3% of the contract amount, minimum USD500 or KHR 2,050,000/per case.
- The offer rate will be negotiable for special case.
Loan interest indicative rate

- Prime Rate

  USD Prime Rate is 8.60% per annum.

  KHR Prime Rate is 18.0% per annum.
- Interest rate on USD credit will be adjusted immediately based on the International Financial Market.
- Interest rate ceiling on KHR credit will be adjusted immediately based on NBC notification on Prakas.

- NBC USD-NCD Sell-side Rate as National Bank of Cambodia USD-Negotiable Certificate of Deposit

  (USD-NCD) Sell-side Rate List. Please find it on NBC website

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